Tuesday, 29 May 2012

In Through the Gate

Croatia is full of interesting and inviting doorways and gates.

This one is in the town of Sveti Lovrec, which I fell in love with (you can read about it here.)  It marks the entrance to a private garden lined with olive trees overlooking the lavender fields.

Don't you just want to go in?

Another gate in this quaint little village that I had to go through to see what was on the other side was this little gem.  I have no idea now how old that wall and gate were, but I do know it outdated me by a long-shot (even with another birthday added today!)

On the other side was a tiny ancient stone chapel.  The gate was marked with emblems and the tiny square it opened into was simply adorable.

When you see it, it beckons wandering feet, doesn't it?  You can't not explore in these amazing little villages!

And who doesn't like a castle entrance?  This one is the entrance into the old town square at Bale.  We first happened upon it at night, and our first glimpses by street-light and stars ensured a return visit the next day!  I imagined coming home after work and strolling home through a castle gate each evening.

Do the residents think it's as cool as I do - or are they simply used to it?

This lovely doorway is on one side of an old church in Pula.  That quiet corridor certainly invites repose, doesn't it?

Where I live, we don't tend to have fascinating gates and doorways like this.  So whenever I saw one, my camera was busy!

Some private entrances led to tiny little courtyards draped with greenery, with potted geraniums on each stone step.  Others hid amazing little cafe bars or shops.

Whatever the function, Croatians really know how to go in through the gate....

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