Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Why Croatia?

Why Croatia?

This was by far the question most asked when I began sharing my travel plans.

Why Croatia, indeed?

Before I embarked on my amazing journey, the most obvious, the easiest answer was that my sister owns a house there.  The next was that I had always wanted to travel, to see Europe, to visit some of the places and spaces I had only read and dreamed about previously.

Once I actually got to Croatia, I had an entirely different answer.

Why Croatia?

Because I have fallen in love with it!  The quaint cobblestone streets.  The medieval castles on top of pointed kaleidoscope-coloured hills.  The markets.  The resilient and engaging people.  The rich Roman and pre-Roman history.  The music.

The food...mmmmmmmmmm.....

Now, I dream of going back to see what I already love, and discover what I haven't yet explored.

Why Croatia?

Read on, and maybe you'll see it, too...

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